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Emilia Zainel here. Nice to meet you! 😉

I’m a Behavioral Designer & Growth Hacker.

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Behavioral Design and Growth Hacking

If you have a company or are a decision-maker in one – I work more with start-ups – what I can do for you is to help you on the side:

  1. Clarity (e.g. where are you with the business, what does the flow of the website, software, app look like, what are the directions you want to go, etc.).
  2. Optimizations (e.g. where are the frictions that make people not decide in your favor, where can you save resources, etc.)
  3.  Results

Even if you come to me directly discussing c), I’ll let you know that a) and/or b) are often needed.

What do I do?

1. Map the context of the business/contextual situation: Value Proposition, Audience Segments, Positioning, User Experience, Strategy, Branding, Design, Copywriting, Pricing, Marketing, Future Vision, etc.

2. I seek to understand where the problems/frictions are by coming with expertise from Business and Behavioral Science* and providing feedback**.

3. I propose interventions/experiments that address some of those challenges, considering specific business objectives.

4. The team will implement the agreed directions, measuring the results.

5. It will scale what works.

My methods involve expertise in the area of Behavioral Economics*. What does the science say about the problems encountered, what has been done so far on this topic, what do we know about human behavior, what are the best practices when it comes to changing end-user behavior, and what are the simplest and most inexpensive methods by which we can see results.

 *Behavioral Economics studies the effects of psychological factors, cognitive factors, emotional factors, cultural factors, and social factors on the decisions of individuals and institutions and how these decisions vary from those implied by classical economic theory.

** Feedback related to ads, texts, emails, website, UX, CX, product, flow, pricing, strategy, management, etc.

I base my interventions on:

– Cognitive Biases are used to nudge people to change their behavior

– Context change

– Incentives

– Process change

– Giving information

– Rules and policies

Behavioral Design

behavioral design

I base my interventions on influencing factors from behavioral science, such as

cognitive biases

In my free time, if I’m not reading, I’m walking, running in the mountains, writing, strategizing and laughing with friends.

Or I experience various.

On emiliazainel.ro you can find more about my background.

Let’s connect 😉

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